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 TPA-BNC TekVPI-BNC Interface Adapter


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Tektronix TPA-BNC TekVPI-BNC Interface Adapter

Tektronix TPA-BNC TekVPI-BNC Interface Adapter
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  • Enables Existing TekProbe Products to Connect to the TekVPI Probe Interface of the new DPO4000 and DPO7000 Series Oscilloscopes
  • An Easy-to-use Plug-on Adapter to the Oscilloscope's TekVPI Interface
  • Provides Necessary Power, Communication, and Offset Control as Needed by the Attached TekProbe Product
  • Provides Over-current and Thermal Overload Protection for the Attached TekProbe Product
  • Provides an LED Probe Status Indicator which Identifies that the Probe has Powered-up Successfully
TPA-BNC Adapter enables existing TekProbe interface products (active, differential, high voltage, current and optical probes) to be used with Tektronix' newest generation of DPO4000 and DPO7000 Series Oscilloscopes which feature the new TekVPI probe interface architecture. Existing TekProbe-BNC probe types simply plug into the TPA-BNC adapter which is then plugged directly into any TekVPI probe channel of the DPO Series oscilloscopes. The TPA-BNC adapter recognizes and supplies the necessary power and serial communication and offset control as used by the connected TekProbe product accessory.

Note: Tektronix probe types using a BNC connection, or a BNC connection with a single analog encoding pin for attenuation factor detection connect directly to the oscilloscope's TekVPI probe interface and do not require a TPA-BNC adapter.

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