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 DPO7000 시리즈 Up to 2.5 GHz


 Electronic Test


   DPO 7000 series.pdf




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Tektronix DPO7000 Series Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes

Tektronix DPO7000 Series Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes
  • 2.5 GHz, 1 GHz, and 500 MHz Bandwidth Models
  • Up to 10 GS/s Real-time Sample Rate on All Four Channels
  • Up to 400 Megasamples Record Length with MultiView Zoom
  • >250,000 wfms/s Maximum Waveform Capture Rate
  • MyScope Custom Windows Enhance Productivity
  • Right Mouse Click Menus for Exceptional Efficiency
  • Pinpoint Triggering Provides the Most Flexible and Highest Performance Triggering, with 1400 Other Combinations to Address Virtually Any Triggering Situation
  • Small Footprint and Light Weight
  • 12.1" Largest XGA Touch Screen Display in the Industry
  • Communications Mask Testing
  • Clock Recovery from Serial Data Streams and NRZ Serial Pattern Trigger for Isolation of Pattern-dependent Effects
  • Low-speed Serial Protocol Triggering (I2C, SPI, CAN)
  • Technology-specific Software Solutions for Jitter and Timing Measurements, Power Measurements, Serial Data, Ethernet and USB2.0 Compliance Testing
  • OpenChoice Software with Microsoft Windows XP OS Enables Built-in Networking and Extended Analysis

Unmatched Performance and Versatility for Greater Insight Into Your Design to Get Your Work Done Faster

The DPO7000 Series is a new generation of digital phosphor oscilloscopes and is the industry's best solution to the challenging signal integrity issues faced by designers verifying, characterizing, debugging and testing sophisticated electronic designs. The family features exceptional performance in signal acquisition and analysis, operational simplicity and unmatched debugging tools to accelerate your day to day tasks. The largest screen in the industry and the intuitive user interface provide easy access to the maximum amount of information.

Signal Fidelity of Tektronix Oscilloscopes Ensures Confidence in Your Measurement Results

  • High sample rate on all models, on all channels, to capture more signal details (transients, imperfections, fast edges), 40 GS/s on one channel for the 2.5 GHz models
  • Option 2SR to double the maximum realtime sample rate for the 500 MHz and 1 GHz models
  • Best low jitter noise floor and vertical accuracy for very accurate measurements
  • Longest acquisition of the industry to provide more resolution and longer time sequence
  • Standard 10 million data points per channels, Optional up to 400 million data points on 2.5 GHz models
  • Easily manage this deep record length, provide detailed comparison and analysis of multiple waveform segments with the MultiView Zoom feature. Automatically scroll through deep records visually or create a math expression to instantly highlight differences
  • Highest performance probing solutions for differential and single-ended voltage signals as well as current measurement, because accurate design verification depends on high bandwidth access to critical signals and high-fidelity signal capture


Vertical System

  DPO7054 DPO7104 DPO7254
Input Channels 4
Hardware Analog Bandwidth (-3 dB) 500 MHz 1 GHz 2.5 GHz*1
Rise Time 10% to 90% (typical) 465 ps 300 ps 160 ps
Rise Time 20% to 80% (typical) 310 ps 200 ps 100 ps
DC Gain Accuracy ±1% with offset/position set to 0

*1 Typical system bandwidth of DPO7254 with TAP2500 is 2.5 GHz.

Time Base System

  DPO7054 DPO7104 DPO7254
Time Base Range 100 ps/div to 1000 s/div 50 ps/div to 1000 s/div 25 ps/div to 1000 s/div
   with Opt. 2SR 50 ps/div to 1000 s/div 25 ps/div to 1000 s/div
Time Resolution (in ET mode) 1 ps 500 fs 250 fs

Acquisition System

  DPO7054 DPO7104 DPO7254
Real-time Sample Rates
1 channel (max) 10 GS/s 20 GS/s 40 GS/s
   with Opt. 2SR 20 GS/s 40 GS/s
2 channels (max) 5 GS/s 10 GS/s 20 GS/s
   with Opt. 2SR 10 GS/s 20 GS/s
3-4 channels (max) 2.5 GS/s 5 GS/s 10 GS/s
   with Opt. 2SR 5 GS/s 10 GS/s
Equivalent Time Sample Rate (max) 4 TS/s (for repetitive signals)
Maximum Record Length per Channel
   with Standard Configuration 40 M (1-CH.), 20 M (2-CH.), 10 M (4-CH.)
   with Record Length Opt. 2RL 80 M (1-CH.), 40 M (2-CH.), 20 M (4-CH.)
   with Record Length Opt. 5RL 200 M (1-CH.), 100 M (2-CH.), 50 M (4-CH.)
   with Record Length Opt. 10RL 400 M (1-CH.),

200 M (2-CH.),

100 M (4-CH.)


Maximum Duration at Highest Real-time Resolution (1-CH)

  DPO7054 DPO7104 DPO7254
Resolution (Single-shot) 100 ps (10 GS/s) 50 ps (20 GS/s) 25 ps (40 GS/s)
   with Opt. 2SR 50 ps (20 GS/s) 25 ps (40 GS/s)
Max Duration with Standard Record Length and Sample Rate 4 ms 2 ms 1 ms
   with Opt. 2SR 2 ms 1 ms
Max Duration with Opt. 2RL 8 ms 4 ms 2 ms
   with Opt. 2SR 4 ms 2 ms
Max Duration with Opt. 5RL 20 ms 10 ms 5 ms
   with Opt. 2SR 10 ms 5 ms
Max Duration with Opt. 10RL 10 ms

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